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Welcome to IIMM Hyderabad Branch

Hyderabad Branch of IIMM is one of the most agile and active branches. This branch has been conducting GDMM programme for the past 34 years.
The Hyderabad Branch of IIMM has always been in the forefront in activites relating to education, training, professional development and consultancy in the field of Materials Management (MM) & Supply Chain Management (SCM). The Hyderabad Branch regularly conducts fraternity get together meets where lectures and presentations are arranged on topics of contemporary importance in Materials Management, Logistics, supply chain and other related topics for updating the knowledge of our members. These monthly get together meets enable our member professionals to interact and network with each other and also afford an opportunity for the sponsors of these events to present their products and services along with presentation to professional buyers for about half an hour. Such events benefit both the professional and the industry.